Louis Carter provides numerous consultative, facilitation, writing and coaching services:

  • Consultation and Executive Coaching: Louis Carter provides benchmarking, team and executive development and coaching, writing, and organization development services on a daily rate with a three day minimum. He uses results-driven, practical, well researched organization development and Change practices and methodologies. His work has received critical acclaim and awards such as E-Learning Magazine's Trailblazer Award and Best in Leadership Development by Leadership Excellence Magazine.

  • Best Practices Research: Provide primary, secondary, personal interviews, and desk research on practices and programs that prove results. Using Carter's method for best practice research, he will provide a research report which outlines the trends and findings and case studies for a successful implementation of any operational program.

  • Thought Leadership Development from Within the Organization: Louis Carter will work with you to bring out the very best thinking you and your team have inside of themselves. He will extract the most credible, results-driven knowledge for the gain of all team members, and also provide this in written and publishable format when requested. 

  • On-Site Transformation Meetings: Louis designs, develops and facilitates multiple-day meetings at corporate sites to address the company’s pressing needs. The meetings include deep dialogue and interaction to encourage true change and leadership development.

  • The BPI Senior Executive Board: BPI’s most unique and exclusive service is its Senior Executive Board. Some of the world’s best senior executives from global corporations — including MasterCard, Hopkins Manufacturing, KeyBank, Kimberly Clark, Saudi Aramco, Humana, Cigna and more — form the Senior Executive Board. BPI provides SEB members with an array of services and facilitates them in interacting with and learning from each other. (For more information, see the Senior Executive Board here.)