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Best Practice Institute Now Accepting Nominations for 2016 Best Practice Awards


BPI Visits the United Nations to discuss the UN Global Compact and Talent Management Initiatives with the Director of the UN Global Compact and Assistant Secretary General of Human Resources at the UN.

BPI unveils its list of Fast Action Benchmarking Sessions (Fab Sessions) for 2015 including the hottest topics in the field of Human Resources, Talent Management, and Leadership Development.


BPI Receives Top HR Product of the Year Award at HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas

BPI Visits the Pentagon to learn recruitment and talent management strategies in the armed forces.


GSK CEO Andrew Witty Named BPI’s 2013 Top CEO

Richard Olivier Awarded BPI’s 2013 Top Thought Leader Award

Best Practice Institute Recognizes Executives, Programs at Microsoft, National Grid


Best Practice Institute Announces its 25 Top CEO List

Best Practice Institute Named “Best in Leadership Development”

Best Practice Institute and Edison Awards Come Together to Honor the World’s Most Innovative and Impactful Products and Services

Best Practice Institute Introduces New Social Network that Promises ‘Future of 360′

Top Execs Meet Behind Closed Doors to Change Corporations, Each Other



Best Practice Institute Gives out Lifetime Achievement Awards at New York Stock Exchange

Best Practice Institute CEO Lou Carter Presents Best Practices in Talent Management



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