Building a Strong and Functional Community for your Company


In a quest to find what makes organizations tick, I started a research study on Most Loved Workplaces. I uncovered a lot along the way about how people think, act, and react when it comes to loving and giving back to their organizations and others. 

I then dug a little deeper and started talking with top brass leaders in the Army, Navy Seals, Defense Intelligence Agency, Pentagon, and Humana, MasterCard, KeyBank, CIT, Hopkins Manufacturing among many others to get the stories on what's best and makes for success. 

My new book, Working Love:  The Power of Personal Change and Respect on Business Results is based on research of over 120 companies and employees from around the globe who disclose how they want to "over-perform" for their organizations because of love of their organizations and careers. 

Would you like your employees to love your organization and over-produce for you?  Give your team and employees a culture of "oneness," an extraordinary customer and employer brand and the desire to give their highest potential.